• Aaron Gregory

    Lead pastor

    Book: Every Sherlock Holmes book…seriously, all of them. The Signature of Jesus by Brennan Manning is one of the great ones. 

    Snack: If we are talking about healthy snacks, I am a big fan of fresh fruit. If I work out out that day, then I really like soft chocolate chip cookies!

    Movie: Gladiator…and all of the James Bond movies. 

    Dream Vacation: First stop St. Andrews, Scotland to play the Old Course. Followed by a trip around Europe, ending with watching Wimbledon on the way back. There would probably be a stop for pasta in the middle of that in Italy…or the realistic vacation is time away to someplace new with my wife and kids. 

    Sports Team: If we are talking college football, Notre Dame. College Basketball, Indiana University. And I am an unashamed Indianapolis Colts fan…although some years I am not sure if I should be ashamed. 

    My role is to try not to screw up the incredible things God is doing in the lives of people. I am also tasked with trying to keep people awake on Sunday morning. My hope is to continually point us to the life and message of Jesus, because it changes everything. 

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  • Holly Hazekamp

    Children's Pastor 

    When I’m not at church….you can find me on the sidelines at a sporting event, binge-watching Netflix, transporting my children to and from their activities, or shopping for hours at a time! 

    Favorite book: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

    Favorite snack: Watermelon Sour Patch Kids

    Favorite movie: Every Hallmark Christmas movie, Nicholas Sparks movies, The Sound of Music, Grease

    Dream Vacation: I would love to travel to a place with great views, warm weather, and surrounded by people. 

    Favorite sports team: Through marriage, it was mandated that I love the Michigan Wolverines. 

    My role: My role is to add a touch of comic relief when situations feel really tense or scary. In the midst of laughter, I hope to speak truth to our children, to help them navigate through the questions and struggles they have surrounding their faith, and to help them discover the immeasurable amount of love God has for them. 

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  • Chase Demott

    Youth Pastor

    When I am not at church… You can find me where the people are. I love competition whether that is sports, board games, videos games, or the simple “I bet you won’t…” comment. When I am home, you can bet on coffee, music, something on TV to make me laugh, or drumsticks in hands. Needless to say, it is rarely quiet where I am!


    Favorite book: Chase The Lion by Mark Batterson


    Favorite Snack: Cheez-itz. No contest. It is so bad that I intentionally keep them out of my home or I would never stop snacking!


    Favorite Movie: I will sit down and watch almost any movie, unless its scary then count me out! Marvel movies are my jam but Nacho Libre is hands down the movie I quote the most! “NACHOOOOO!”


    Sports team: I bleed Green and White! The Michigan State Spartans are my team, with college basketball getting the majority of my sports loving attention!


    Dream vacation: I’ve always wanted to go to Australia for no particular reason… maybe it’s the kangaroos… who knows?


    My role: My role is to bring teenagers, who live in this culture saturated with stimulation, shallow relationships, and social media, into the one and only truly REAL thing during this life: a relationship with Jesus. In addition I like to think of myself as a pastor to the “youth” in all of us! Who says church has to be for the grown-ups?

  • Mel Hesselink

    Conregational Care

    Mel leads our "Circle Out" ministry, where we strive to include those that may not be able to travel to our church, but still want to be connected to our congregation. Contact Mel here

  • Krissy Devries

    Facility Manager

    When I'm not at church... you can find me in my car transporting children everywhere, hiking, biking, skateboarding, skiing, painting, and hanging out with my friends. 

    Favorite book: The Big Leap, Wide Awake, The War of Art

    Favorite snack: Anything gummy... fish, sharks, worms, bears... anything. 

    Favorite movie: Gladiator

    If I was a dog: I would be a Boston Terrier because I am hyper unless I'm sleeping. 

    Dream Vacation: A cruise around Scandinavia or Northern California Favorite

    Sports Team: The New Orleans Saints because they look like they are wearing tuxedos while playing football. 

    My role: My passion is to bring people together in all circumstance of life. I love to spread joy, implement change, and create inviting spaces and relationships that help us to realize we are not alone. 

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