About Connect Groups

You will hear the name "Connect Group" around here often. They are simply any gathering of people, on a regular or semi-regular basis throughout the year for the purpose of connecting people to people and people to Jesus. 

Connect Groups can provide: 

•Bible Study – Others will strengthen and balance the Word of God in your life. 

•Prayer – Your group will pray for you and you for them, with respect for privacy. 

•Fellowship – Groups develop a sense of belonging.

•Support – A group gives backing during tough times. 

•Outreach – Others may need to hear your story.

Where You Can Connect

Meet people. Grow in faith. Have fun

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Women's Group

Join us for a once a month women's group. All women are welcome as we hangout, craft, eat good food, and laugh together. 

Upcoming events: 

  • We're taking a break, but stay tuned! 
  • Christmas party and Covid-19.....not a great combination. So we are sorry to have to say that we will not be having our annual Christmas party at Marla’s. Instead we ask that you please drop off your gift with your reveal card at your mystery me’s house. 


    As far as next year, we have decided to forgo Mystery Me in view of the pandemic and instead start up a prayer partner ministry between women wishing to join. You will be matched up with another woman from the church and asked to keep in touch with them throughout the year through calls, text, emails and cards to help build friendships and lasting connections.   If you would like to be part of this please contact the office.

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Men's Group

Join us for a once a month men's group. All men are welcome to join. 

Upcoming events: 

  • We're taking a break, but stay tuned! 

More information can be found on our church Facebook page

Connect Group

Watch your faith grow through investing in relationships with people who want to  learn and grow with you. 

These groups meet at different times and days throughout the week.  There is bound to be a time that will fit your schedule! 


Interested in starting a group, joining a group, just have some questions... email office@connectionpointmi.com