CP Students

7th to 12th Graders

Here at Connection Point Church we are invested in the future of the Church. That future lies in part in the hands of teenagers. Students are in a crucial stage in their lives where decisions are being made concerning who they will be and what they will believe. We want to provide an environment where this growth is encouraged without fear!

We want students first to know that they belong. We want them here! Second, we hope students discover the salvation that comes through Jesus and choose to believe in him. Finally, we strive to help students become their best, which we believe can only be done through a relationship with Christ.

What to Expect...

when do we meet?

We gather every Sunday night from 6-8pm!

WHere do we go?

Come in the gym doors. These can be found next to the carport on the back side of the building.

What do we do?

During our time together we will play games, sing some songs, and talk about Jesus! 

What do I need?

Just bring you (and maybe a friend too)!

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ANy other questions

If you have any other questions, we would love to answer those for you!